New Reviews of the Book

A long overdue round up of recent reviews.  Here are snippets from the  five that have surfaced over the past month:’s Brandi Cummings (February 28, 2008) said, “As I said, most of my reading lately has been about new media so I was not entirely optimistic that Now Is Gone was going to impart knowledge that I had not already gained elsewhere. I was wrong to feel that way. “

Web 2.0 Developer (March 20, 2008): “Perhaps there’s an additional audience for this book that wasn’t originally intended; web-heads who want to learn about PR.”

Engage in PR’s Kyle Flaherty (March 20, 2008) adds, “The book not only takes the reader through the detailed steps of what new media entails and what to be prepared for, but Geoff describes how to properly establish a blogging strategy, interact with social networks and even pitching new media outlets.”

The Corporate Communication Blog’s Chris Turner (March 25, 2008): “But here’s the challenge, while there are brilliant minds like Solis and Livingston (and others in my blog role) leading the charge for change, entrenched traditional cultures don’t change that quickly, even if they wanted to. Some organizations show rays of hope, but the majority – especially in larger organizations – maintain the status quo, showing no signs of changing to embrace social media, and probably more accurately not even knowing it exists.”

Allan Cox, author of Your Inner CEO (March 25, 2008) said, “The book is a quick read, yet it carefully explains a great deal of information from a pro who knows how to build successful PR 2.0 marketing campaigns. Don’t read this book alone. Read it with your colleagues and discuss it together.”

Thanks to everyone who reviewed the book, including our new Amazon reviews, too.