Tag Team at NewComm Forum, Possible Tweet Up in SF?

join-me-greenMany industry members are attending the NewComm Forum this April 22-25th in Sonoma County, CA. One of Now Is Gone’s primary sources Communications Overtone’s Kami Huyse has kindly asked me to join here one pre-conference workshop on the 22nd as well as main conference session on the 24th. Here’s what you can expect…

Pre-Conference Session: Tuesday, April 22 – 1:00 – 4:30 pm: Building Integrated Social Media Campaigns: How to Leverage New Media in Existing Communication Plans

Social media is often approached as a separate discipline than traditional public relations and marketing. However, while effectively engaging in social media requires a shift in strategy, it shouldn’t be considered in isolation from the strategic communications or marketing plan. This half-day seminar is designed to give participants what they need to start incorporating social media into their public relations and marketing plans today. Attendees will learn a three-step process that will allow them to include social media tactics as they research, plan, implement and measure their overall communication strategy. They will also learn how to appropriately engage online communities and create programs that are designed to find the alignment between organizational and constituent goals. Participants will:

-Learn to incorporate social media into their overall strategic communications plans
-Leave with resources to start engaging in social media immediately
-Have a clear understanding of how to measure success

This should be interesting because integrating social media into a larger marketing plan only makes sense, yet many folks still struggle with how to engage in social media correctly. We are already modifying several of our past processes to deliver something completely new for NewComm Forum pre-con attendees.

On Thursday morning, April 24 at 10 a.m Kami and I pick up the beat again for,Building Your Brand with Conversational Media.”

Millions of people are creating content on social networks as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In today’s world, quick and portable micro content is king. Moreover, stakeholders are demanding that companies interact with them in real time. Communicators, from the independent to agencies to corporate communications departments, are increasingly under pressure to help their clients and companies navigate this new era and remain relevant. In this seminar, learn about the online culture and how to engage with it through a logical three-step process. Hear how other companies have used social media to position themselves as thought leaders in their field. You will:

• Learn about the latest social media tools and techniques
• Take away a three-step process to begin engage right away
• Understand how micro content will help you to position your brand
• Hear about case studies that you can apply to your own business needs

Another three-step process, hmmm. Really this session will have a lot to do with WOM, and third party credibility.

Bonus Miles

I will be in the Bay Area for most of the week and am actively trying to arrange a Tweet-up in SF of some sorts on the 21st or 23rd. If anyone would like to get together during this time, please let me know! Social media always gets great when it becomes an in person thing. Heck, I may even wrangle Kami into it!