Epic Nazi Sex Scandal Embroils FormulaOne

And you thought the Elliot Spitzer scandal was amazing. It’s rare when you see a sex scandal this bad. FormulaOne is facing an epic scandal that can crash and tarnish its brand with a permanent haze of anti-semitic debauchery.

From Time Magazine: Last Sunday the British tabloid News of the World posted video footage on its website of [International Automobile Federation president Max] Mosley and five prostitutes in what it frothily described as “a depraved Nazi-style orgy in a torture dungeon.” The video, which has been removed from the newspaper’s web site, also captures a prostitute commanding Mosley to strip before she inspects his head and genitals for lice, which the paper suggest was “mocking the humiliating ways Jews were treated by SS death camp guards in World War II.”

gyi0051676030.widec It seems impossible to imagine a scandal like that. Wow! And yeah, as a Jew, I’d have to agree with the News of the World. This is absolutely despicable.

Mosley, a powerful man in multi-billionaire industry, refuses to resign to date. For FormulaOne’s sake, Mosely must resign promptly. The automobile manufacturers will need to turn up the heat to force a resignation before anti-defamation protests turn into lost revenues.

In a twit response to this article, B.L. Ochman said, “Yecch! blecch! what a pig! http://tinyurl.com/6k5m56 car companies need to boycott the IAF ’til he resign.” Amen, B.L.

“Those Europeans sure now how to do their scandals, huh,” said Nicholas Tolson.



  • What.

  • He should resign. But considering that he’s a Brit, I’m not at all surprised about his taste in off hours games. And not just any Brit. The son of Oswald Mosley, Britain’s leading fascist. The actual founder and leader of the British Fascist Party. Someone has some daddy issues, me thinks.

  • 4 of F1’s 6 manufacturers have filed formal grievances and with 3 weeks off between today’s Bahrain GP and the Spanish GP I think we’ll see Mosely ushered out.

  • It certainly is one to watch, Chris and Dave. Amazing really.

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