On Tattoos


Blogger Social was a blast and we ended up really getting personal. I even showed my monster tat! You can see the dragon and symbol tattoos to the left. ("Sherwood Forest" edition photo by Social Media Explorer Jason Falls)! 

I’ve got a couple of others, too, and love them. I got my first one at 17 years old, and my last one at 27 years old. Another one is likely at some point.

The thing about tattoos is that while they are cool, they can hurt your career. Some folks see the ink, and they say, oh my. It’s bad for business.

You’ll never see me in a business setting with tattoos showing. I intentionally got them placed so shorts, a T-shirt and socks cover all the ink.  In fact even at my own company, we have a policy that tattoos should not be visible.2393795869_808b6c37f3

I always tell kids if you don’t have any, don’t start. Because once you get the first one, it’s much easier to get another. 

At the same time, I still love the body art. It’s fun, and personality infused. So there you have it (tattoo pic #2 titled "Winner of the ‘Shocking But Cool Moment of the Night’ Award" by Greg Verdino).

Overall, Blogger Social was the most fun I’ve had in a seriously long time. Travel weary, this was the last thing I expected, but sure enough it was fantastic. Thanks to all of my cool blogging buds who I reunited with as well as met for the first time in NY. I needed that.

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  1. It was great meeting you and, seriously, I am so impressed with your tattoos. Still unclear why you disrobed but definitely digging the dragon. G

  2. Thanks, Greg. I enjoyed meeting you, too, finally. Yeah, I did that in one four hour sitting (ouch!). I think Amanda asked me to show them or said no way, and there you have it.

  3. Nice. I have 3 myself, got them all while in college. Mine are also in places where normal work clothes cover them. Still want a half sleeve though. :) :)

  4. You rock! My monster tat is on my back and like you all my tats are in places covered up for professional career. This eats me alive b/c I could be addicted to tattoos! As a female, there are a lot less places…

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