District of Corruption Episode 15: Loren Feldman a Shock Jock?

Kicking off Episode 15 with an announcement that Aaron is one of April’s sexiest geeks.

Then we got into the show with a discussion surrounding the AOL acquisition of Sphere. Sphere provides a widget that pulls related content from around the web. Aaron doesn’t like AOL so, on principle, he removed the Sphere widget when this announcement was made.

Then, a long discussion about Loren Feldman and his puppet disparaging of Shel Israel with sock puppets.Aaron notes that Loren creates conversation in his own way and he has a whole body of work for context. I framed the opposing view around the concept of “shock jock” – probably a fitting analogy. Aaron notes that shock jocks are effective, and notes that Loren has done the same thing to Jason Calacanis and to this day, Calacanis and Feldman are good friends. I thought Loren was just one messed up dude (note: I used harsher language in this podcast).

Caller Jim Turner calls in for Macbook Pro advice. /methinks he called the wrong show but we gave him Flip4Mac hat tip nonetheless. ;-)

Jim weighs in on Loren, as well. Agrees to the shock jock analogy, but doesn’t take offense. He groks the message Loren sends. From chat, a users asks, “If I’m in business and reading Twitter, why should I engage Loren in business?” I totally agreed with this guy.

Aaron admits that he wishes Loren would take a stab at him, and also wants to be on Valleywag. Sado-masochist, apparently. I personally could avoid such events, though I probably earned my own puppet mimicry the way I ranted.

Announcing, also, that we will be doing a live 45 minute recording of District of Corruption (Episode 16) at Podcamp DC. We will be on Blog Talk Radio at 3pm ET on Saturday, April 19. There will be no Tuesday show next week.

Caller Phil Bundy calls in to say hi.

Aaron rants about distributed content, a story that many people are talking about including Brian Solis. Content is increasingly distributed. Get over it!

You can download it here.