Apple Mania: I Don’t Get It

I just bought my first MacBook Pro. It’s my fourth turn as an Apple user (IIe, iMac original, iBook), this time so I could get my hands on better software for video editing.


Here’s the thing. It’s beautiful, sleek and pimping. Definitely a trophy PC (Image by Steve Parker).

But when it comes to actual function, well, I find it lacking. In most cases it’s oranges to oranges, which for twice the price does not mean much to me… For example, this post is being written in MarsEdit, the Mac version of LiveWriter. It’s just not as good, making blogging harder. Email is the same. Office, well it’s Office.

There are some advantages. OS X rocks, and is much faster and more stable than Vista. But for all of the knocks, I do like Vista (once it finally boots up). And I keep finding myself migrating back to my Dell. That will change as I migrate my Dell to the office (in turn, surrendering the current work Dell to our newest employee, person X) and this becomes my full-time home PC.

In the end, twice the price for video capes, basically, sexy packaging, and membership in the uber-apple fan club.  Ah yes, to be part of a fan club with a master that doesn’t listen and doesn’t participate in the conversation. It reminds me of when I owned a Road King. All Harley riders gave respect (and a surprising amount of female attention, too), but the bike wasn’t all that.

OK, fine. But I’m not doing it again anytime soon. The trade-offs aren’t worth it.

As an educated consumer with experience on both sides of the equation, Dell keeps me as a customer. Because dollar for dollar, metal packaging ain’t worth it. It’s like slapping a Caddy badge on a Chevy.


This is particularly true on the business front. See we do laptops at Livingston, and you can’t do a 15-inch laptop with Apple for less than $2k BEFORE software. To get a reasonably priced MacBook regular, you have to suffer with a 13 inch screen. Nice way to force MacBook Pro purchases. That means a no go. It’s just not a smart economic decision for a better, but not vastly superior OS.

And another factor against Apple… They’ll never know I wrote this, because they won’t play in social media. That tells me Apple doesn’t care.

Indeed, Evil Apple.

6 Replies to “Apple Mania: I Don’t Get It”

  1. Look at it this way. How many times have you worn a collarless black shirt, black pants, and black shoes?



    Paraphrasing Jeff Foxworthy “You may not be a Mac guy”

    all the best.

    Albert See you Monday night at SFO SMC

  2. I was in the same boat as you a couple years ago. I started with an Apple II+ then a II GS and then an LC III, which eventually crashed on me and I lost everything (my Iomega Jazz drive wasn’t actually backing anything up). So I went to PCs for a while before switching back to a Powerbook to work in ProTools (audio editing). At first I wasn’t that impressed with OS X but over time I grew to love it. For a while I was traveling with both an HP laptop and my Powerbook because I liked doing Web and personal stuff on my Mac more. Now I have an iMac at home and run Parallels on it, which is the fastest I’ve ever seen Windows run. My next computer will be a MacBook Pro and I don’t see myself ever using a PC again. There’s really nothing that I do on my PC that I can’t do better on my Mac anymore and I have a feeling that you’ll probably feel the same way in a couple months.

  3. Apple doesn’t play the social media game, so they are EEEEVIL. I don’t want to come across as smug, but sheesh! :-D There is no entry level 15-inch laptop because the company can’t address every customer’s request, if you want a choice between 37 different configurations, go look at Dell. That’s what Dell is for, seriously. They are shipping like 10 million computers per quarter, they can afford to support as many SKUs.

  4. Being a graphic designer I’ve been a MacHead since day 1 but I rarely recommend them to friends. The Things that *I* see as better with Macs are subtle and very graphic designer specific… they just don’t make financial sense for most users.

  5. Yes, but I absolutely LOVE my MacBook Air. Bought it day one that it was released and couldn’t be happier.

    I take my laptop just about everywhere so no more aching back. :-)

  6. We are thrilled to hear that you are still a Dell customer….and by the way, we are listening and heard you. Appreciate the informed perspective and overview about the products, tradeoffs and choices. Thanks for sharing your views

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