Boo! jetBlue

jetblue_airways.pngI booked a flight on jetBlue to Long Beach a few weeks ago. That flight was mis-booked for the 10th. I rebooked the flight and paid an extra fee for at that time. This never occurred as an issue to me, as I have done this before with jetBlue, and actually have done it since then, changing my Monday departure this week to Sunday.

Oh, so wrong.

Today, I was informed that I did not have a flight booked, and would be required to spend $125 on a new ticket. Immediately, I asked for a manager, who was very anti-customer and did not believe me when I told her I had rebooked my ticket. This was in spite of my accompanying ticket back to DC tomorrow night. Really I just was going to magically appear in Long Beach tomorrow for the flight back.

At this point I threatened to blog the experience up and began tweeting furiously. She reacted, then managed to finagle a $50 rebooking fee. How nice. The whip cream cherry on top of the sundae was another chastising for trying to rebook my ticket day of flight, AND getting marked for additional screening by said manager (a supposed result of day of flight changes).

Too bad. I really enjoyed flying jetBlue, but I’ll think twice before booking with them again. And you are talking about a guy who flies every or every other week.

I was screwed by jetBlue.

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  1. Larissa: I suppose it’s an individual choice.

    Karen:Can’t say that I have, but I should definitely give it a shot. And now I have reason to..

    Josef: Thanks for sharing the link. I think all of the cell phone co are pretty bad.

  2. That’s awful, and sounds like a customer service situation that could have easily been rectified.

    By the way, the expression “tweeting furiously” doesn’t sound as threatening as it should. :)

  3. Ah, frustrated for you on so many levels. Glad you blogged this, it will be a great case study as I think this story will continue to unfold.

    When I saw your first tweet, I was truly hoping jetBlue was tracking on twitter, what a missed opportuntiy. An opportunity to reach out to you and empower the manager all at once – all in 140 characters or less vs a 20 minute call, etc.

    That comment sounds insane to some customer care orgs, but twitter and other instant “calls for help” need to be embraced (not addressed, embraced.)

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