Now, Be Gone!

Monday’s post will be my final one on Now Is Gone. It’s time.

There are only so many basic lessons and primers you can give. I have nothing more to say to the newly engaged social media communicator. Repeating or rehashing old posts seems like a bad idea. The primer has been laid thick, and now it is time to paint.

My motivation is somewhat selfish, too. For the past year plus I have worked tirelessly on this project giving, giving, and giving more. Consider speaking for free on numerous occasions, writing an entire book, authoring 150 Now Is Gone posts, and providing free content in other places. It has been service oriented work and has benefited my business with numerous intangibles, but at the same time, it has been draining, and has affected my personal life and well-being.

I don’t want to be one of these guys. Dying ain’t worth it. I’m taking some of these hours back.

Along the way numerous people have helped me. Ike Pigott and Lauren Vargas have been my comrades in arms on this blog. Like me they have donated their time and insights to help businesses embrace social media. Like me their motivation was service orientated. While Monday will be my last post, I leave it to them to write the postscripts. Thank you, Ike and Lauren. After it’s all said and done, I feel much closer to you as a result of our team effort. You are great friends.

Brian Solis helped shape and edit the book, and he wrote a great intro. And of course there were all the fabulous people who served as sources. Thanks to all of you.

I hope it has been and will continue to be valuable. The blog will remain as a resource, the book is still available. I will continue to offer social media and communications insights on the Buzz Bin. And if you are a real glutton, you can follow me on my personal blog. But for me — on Monday — Now Will Be Gone.

Thank you.


15 Replies to “Now, Be Gone!”

  1. I think we all need to take some time back from time to time. Great and important post and topic, Geoff.

    I suppose the problem is that there is a huge demand for PR services with a digital twist, and for me at least, work is damn fun these days as well, which makes it hard to say no to 14-hour workdays…

    Maybe we should schedule a Social Media Trek in the Norwegian mountains, where wireless is non-existing and mobile coverage is limited?

    But keep up the good… eh… work… :)

  2. It has been a fun ride, Lauren.

    Ike, you get the next book and blog.

    Sherilynne and Frederik, thank you for your support.

  3. Thanks for all the great inspiration, Geoff! It certainly has helped me to be a better social communicator. Even though my nowisgone RSS feed dies, I hope the buzz keeps coming in the bin…

    Best, Marius

  4. Thanks, Marius. The Buzz will only turn up a notch, I promise.

    Linda, you are the best. Keep rocking in the social world.

  5. Life is a journey of growth, wisdom and maturity. In the end, our worth is not what we’ve accomplished at work or the number of ‘friends’ we’ve accumulated online. Not to degrade the contributions you’ve made, they are great and many. But there is a diminishing rate of return on grand efforts and you are wise for having realized yours. God, family, friends and life interests are what keep me going. I know you deserve some hours back to shore up what’s important to you. Assuredly you’ll not lose your place as a thought leader in the business. You’re just allowing yourself to be much more selective in your participation. Congratulations on your new found freedom and use your time wisely. Ike’s a friend of mine so if he needs me to sound off once & a while I’d be more than happy to oblige. Godspeed. Oh & BTW Now Is Just Beginning. Enjoy!

  6. Such is the life cycle of social media. As soon as you hook into something (aka “the next big thing”) it changes or disappears or gets replaced by yet the next one.

    Thanks for all the knowledge you have shared and hopefully you will write another book soon for all of us who realize this learning never stops.

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