I Have a Dream. It Does Not Include Verizon Business.

verizon_logo I have a dream. A world where connectivity is abound, and data, voice and video are easily attainable.   The best part of my dream?  Well, in addition to democratized information, it does not include Verizon (or if I lived in a different region, AT&T).

Yes, I hate the phone company.

And today it reinforced my belief that Verizon Business as an entity has no interest in serving its customers. Why bother when you are a monopoly?

I got stood up today by Verizon Business (wholesale unit through XO Communications), who was supposed to turn up my new office’s T1 lines. Nothing angers me more than wasting my time. Wasting — nine hours of my time from 8-5 — takes things to a new level. Normally, I’d bill $2700 for that time. Yeah, great. Not all for naught, as I did have the trusty laptop and a wireless connection.

Oh, yeah. Now I will have to come back tomorrow and do the exact same thing.

I have a dream. It’s connected, and Verizon free. Heck, it’s just big telco free. In the interim, I will continue using other companies for my business wherever possible. 

P.S. While I’m at it, I’d just like to thank the FCC for relaxing the M&A rules from the Telecom Act and allowing these big ogres to re-consolidate. Another example of crap governance.