Episode 19: Where Do We Go with Blogger Relations

Actually a very good episode given all of the brew haha that blew up across the blogosphere.

Aaron started us off as I was late (doh!).  This is Aaron’s last week at b5media, so he’s up in Toronto.

Within a couple of minutes I showed up, usual niceness (aaaawww).

Then we had a very long civil discussion about the whole blogger relations issue.  Ground covered included:

  • Basic background
  • Some of the causes, including undo pressure
  • Whether or not all bloggers really have the power to blacklist vs. the top tier
  • Press releases – why bother emailing them?
  • Better uses of our time, including social good
  • Flat out building relationships

Presto Vivace’s Alice Marshall joined us for a good part of the conversation and added a lot of great colorful insights.

Silly Valley: We briefly discussed whether or not Andy Beal is right, that Google is Dying and determined the post was likely titled for SEO/link bait purposes.

Episode 19 – MP3

Aaron Update: We called Gina Trapani Rita all show. So sorry, Gina!