Social Media Soundtrack (feat: Cypress Hill, The Beatles and the Eurythmics)

Evange.LIST author Qui Diaz — a.k.a. Da Boss — kicked off the social media soundtrack meme yesterday. And I was tagged. Though I’m not quick to respond to memes, I thought this one was pretty creative and fun.

The premise:

The "community" is constantly plagued by industry in-fighting, which is so disenchanting and not at all sexy. Whether its one A-list blogger defaming another, or nasty comments left by people hiding behind their computer screens, or gurus blacklisting PR firms that are trying really hard to do right by the blogging community, it’s tiring! And probably a big turn off for folks who are still trying to understand this space.

She then suggested three artists and tracks that imbue a few of the many perceptions, lessons and ideals offered within our community. So here are my choices.

Geoff’s Social Media Playlist

Cypress Hill, Rock Superstar (2000)

chill Lessons

People don’t handle micro-fame well, instead buying their own BS (Trapani) and acting like morons.  Further, when you "make it" as a blogger or social media personality you don’t make instant cash, aren’t treated any better in the real world, and you get pestered left and right. Lastly, sometimes fans get over-attached and things get weird.  Most recently, I received an unwelcome approach visa vis a strange video sent via Twitter.  All in all, social media rock stardom isn’t all that people make it out to be.

Choice Lyric

You ever have big dreams of making real cream
Big shot, heavy hitter on the main
And you wanna look trendy
In the Bentley, be a snob and never act friendly
You wanna have big fame, let me explain
What happens to these stars and their big brains

The Beatles, We Can Work It Out, 1965


Conversations are just that, and if two people are sincere in their intent the finer points of debate mean little. For the fair of heart, estranged views about trivial matters often become a touchstone for friendship. The relationship becomes paramount. That is the true value of social media.

Choice Lyric

Life is very short, and there’s no time

For fussing and fighting, my friend.

I have always thought that it’s a crime,

So I will ask you once again.

The Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams, 1983

262280~Annie-Lennox-Posters Lessons

It’s a wide open canvas, and we all have so much to say, all very individualized, all very special in a unique way. Seeing so many dreams expressed in such vivid fashion always compels me. I miss the days when I roamed the blogosphere soaking these stories up like a sponge. For while relationships are the value, these brilliant dreams are the heart of social media.

Choice Lyric

Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?

I travel the world

And the seven seas–

Everybody’s looking for something.


Here are the bloggers I’d like to tag to continue the meme: Kami Huyse, Chris Brogan, Erin "Queen of Spain," Shashi Bellamkonda, Xtopher1974, Ike Pigott, and Jane Quigley.