Episode 22: fbOpen, Fred Wilson and…

District of Corruption Synopsis written by Aaron Brazell

Aaron is in Orlando at the Siemens PLM User Conference. Fortunately, he didn’t have to go to Disney World.

Aaron and Geoff kick off the show discussing Fred Wilson’s “grand view” of social media. His approach is very short sighted and shallow. Aaron makes the point that Twitter is funded by Fred and the strategic long-term view that Fred has makes perfect sense for a company like Twitter that obviously hasn’t planned ahead for their growth.

Next we move into fbOpen, the open sourcing of much of Facebook’s platform to challenge OpenSocial. It’s unclear if anyone is going to sign on to use this thing. I’m concerned that by opening this, the already deluged market of Facebook apps will become worse.

Geoff and I are going to be at the Vocus Users Conference on Thursday, June 5 talking to a bunch of PR folks. We are both really iffy about this conference and the demographic that is attending. Do PR folks really care about us? Heh, Geoff thinks not.

Brian Solis and Geoff are doing a Now is Gone book signing at the Arlington Barnes & Noble Thursday night as well. Then they will be book signing in NYC on Saturday and Steph Agresta is throwing a party. :)

Geoff is under attack for auctioning his time off for charity on eBay. Nice. Stupid PR flack.

Episode 22 – MP3