Love Can Be an Acquired Taste

The following poem was my wedding gift for Caitlin. I figured it would be better than giving her some gaudy expensive thing, as gifts are something I gave to her frequently. This would mean more.

Reading it three years later it reminds me of the great pain of loneliness. Dating really sucked, and finding Caitlin was not only a great moment, but also relief. I was 30 then, and pretty resigned to living alone. She’s a little older than me (not saying how much), so our love came later in life.

In the poem her appearance is almost unbelievable to me and I am cautious, but it becomes apparent, and caution fades to abandon as the poem progresses. It climaxes with the proposal and our wedding.

Since Caitlin has been gone I have known this loneliness again, and unexpected consequence of her now 6 1/2 month assignment in the United Arab Emirates. It’s hard finding great people to love, and we need to cherish them. Great love is hard to acquire. Once you have that taste it’s so hard not to have it in your hand and your heart. Only 15 days until she comes home.

Here’s the poem (it’s long):

Love can be an acquired taste,
So needed yet foreign,
Effort spent only a waste,
Yet pursued with every ounce of focus.

Driving for attainment still,
They young, the old and in between,
All want more than their fill,
Ah passion, a bewildering muse.

Confusion hides with guises,
Love as lust or money,
Fooled with false surmises,
The painful truth finds the deceived.

Caring for one’s self teaches,
Childish concepts abandoned for richer dreams,
Cool spring day at the beaches,
Shows more about the ocean than talk.

Experience hones senses,
Lessons learned refining the mind,
Partnership can mend fences,
Appreciation for humanity and giving.

With wisdom a mind can change,
Readying itself for one who can reciprocate,
Freedom, roam across the range,
Feeling confidence and happiness with ease.

Love can be an acquired taste,
Youthful visions of passion fade,
Realist desire in their place,
Elusive but not tarnished by defeat.

Small bursts of hope, B-rate flicks,
Only followed with worse disappointment,
The close memories burn, stick,
Paralyzing, then paradox and motion.

Finally, at last one comes,
Can it be true or is it another deception,
Protection for the lost sums,
Easy, don’t deny the possibility.

Amazed. Her way clicks with mine,
Sure enough I realize it can be,
We walk together in line,
It’s better than fare of the finest inns.

Magic transforms fear to faith,
Love washes the desert with soft rains,
The soul returns from a wraith,
Yes, great love reveals itself with pleasure.

Glasses change, return my sight,
She stands before me glorious.
With her life seems very bright,
Now a clear path forward reveals itself.

Love is an acquired taste,
Truly blissful and richer than mousse,
It can’t be grabbed with haste,
Hold on, the treasure outweighs the wait.

A long time cannot bring wilt,
True love reigns in past and future,
Present lives are built,
My heart dances with each new movement.

Then it becomes evident,
A future together is obvious,
Divine, this seems to be meant,
Is her love as strong as mine?

Yes, she feels the same: Union.
Plans made, futures plotted together,
Fine meals great, days full of sun,
Childish euphoria and joy return.

Families, politics merge,
Headaches for young couple arise,
Moms, dads with protection urge,
Nevertheless, the rite of passage comes.

Commitment seals a new fate,
Future, though undetermined, looks bright,
How love was worth the wait,
Now we move forward, hand in hand.

Love is an acquired taste,
Like all good things, a spiritual journey,
Her love can’t be replaced,
Forever her soft touch has changed me.

# # #