Five Things to Do Before Your Wife Comes Home

200701091428575762514.jpgYeah, when your wife comes home after a prolonged abroad stay you better do some things to make sure your on her good side. It’s been seven months so it only made sense to think ahead, but these are good ideas even if it ha only been two weeks. Here’s what I’ve done:

1) Grocery splurge at Whole Paycheck. Yeah, empty fridge with condiments is a sure fire way to piss your wife off. $200 done.

2) Flowers. A basic, and somewhat obvious thing, but many men just don’t go the extra mile. Flowers matter, it’s a symbol, a statement of beauty and care.

3) Clean house: This best done by a professional. Thank you, Mrs. Lavender.

4) Laundry, including linens. Duh. You think your wife wants to use a dirty towel? Uh no.

5) Gift: Beyond flowers. Usually, a box of chocolates will do. Given the length of absence in this case, I splurged and got ostentatious with not one, but two little blue boxes at Tiffany’s. Yeah, that’s going to make me a hero.

No one can do everything right. But showing a little presence of mind in this kind of situation is always a good idea. And believe me, your spouse will notice.