How I Lost Almost 30 Lbs


Several men on Twitter have asked me to detail how I lost almost 30 lbs in the past two months plus. I’ve moved from 243 to 214 lbs as of tonight.

There’s really no big secret. I exercise more and eat less.

First up, I’ve definitely exercise 5x a week if not more. On days I can’t bike (above photo above shows me three weeks ago and ten pounds heavier before 15 mile bike ride with intern Mike Nelson) or hit the gym, I make sure that I walk for an hour. That includes taking cell phone calls for a stroll.

On the food side I try to satiate hunger, not get full. That’s a big step for me, because I have an ambitious appetite. So I try not to clean the plate at the restaurant. I try to order smart, a.k.a. salad. If eat a sandwich, no desert or sides. I try to snack five times a day instead of eating three meals.

I don’t always succeed, and I let myself eat what I want albeit smaller portions. Frankly, I’m not into punishing myself for having pasta the morning before a 20 mile bike ride. Today I had a cupcake. Saturday night I had a slice of pizza.

That’s it, no big secret, just diligence.