District of Corruption Episode 26: Punk Rock, and Oh Yeah, Twitter, FriendFeed and the Washington Post

Aaron gave Geoff grief on Canada day, and then explained how he insulted the entire country.  Apparently, Aaron does this frequently.

Twitter discussion this week revolves around Summize.  Will Twitter use $26 million in venture funding to buy Summize and fix its replies function.  Geoff says Twitter needs to fix its f*%&ing social network.

Geoff says bad deal, Aaron says good deal. Plurkers largely say no good. Watching twitter is like watching Something About Mary, a fool bumbling all over themselves.

We prattled on about FriendFeed for a while. Whatever. Neither of us see it as the saving grace that Scoble does.

Great discussion on punk rock ensues with phone chat from several participants started by Adam Zand.  Geoff’s favorite punk rock bands… Clash, NWA, Sex Pistols, Social Distortion, and Public Enemy.

The New York Times breaks news on Washington post new chief Editor Marcus Brauchli.  State of the post discussion continues.  Are they going national business?  Also, discussion of use of interns as primary writers and a general loss of quality.

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