Going for 30

vernon.gif On Sunday, I’m going for 30 miles on the bike. I almost did it last Sunday in Nags Head, but had to call it in at 28 miles.

It will actually be tougher this time because of the terrain. In spite of the Mt. Vernon Trail’s hills, I think I can make it though.

Thursday I did heavy weights with little soreness afterwards. This included 45 squats and 45 calve stretches with 300 lbs, 45 leg presses at 115, 45 hamstring exercises at 75, and then 45 lunges on each leg at 210 lbs+. Friday, spin class for an hour left me unwinded and ready for more. That’s why I think I can make it… Two straight days of rigorous exercise and my legs aren’t sore.

By my estimate from Mt. Vernon to Teddy Roosevelt Island, then again south to the parking lot below Old Town Alexandria, and then west to my house is 31 miles. My wife will drop me off at 9 a.m. before it gets too hot. Wish me luck!