Why I Changed Course on Twitter


For more than a year I followed everyone who followed me on Twitter. Then I stopped following new folks about a month ago. Finally, on what some are jokingly callingBlack Monday,” I suddenly dumped a thousand people I was following.


Because the experience was awful. I didn’t know most of the people on my Twitter screen. I couldn’t participate in any larger discussions or conversations. And I really hated getting unsolicited DMs from people that I don’t know.

So I reversed my position and purged. I gave up on being the ultimate community personality. I’m just a guy, I am not Chris Brogan or Guy Kawasaki, nor do I think I want to be. These guys are amazing, and they have much more patience and tolerance than I do.

The results, with 600 people I am following, I am enjoying Twitter again. It’s much more pleasant with valid conversations, and has returned my faith in Twitter. I also feel like I am adding more to those that I follow buy actually being able to read their tweets.

There are still some folks I don’t recognize, and I am weeding them out slowly. I will continue to add people, but only if there’s a relationship. Further, I am taking my lessons learned to Plurk, where after the first 150, I am only adding people that I know.

More is not better, I have learned.