Coffee Is For Closers!

Some recent conversations with that younger generation (Millennials, gawd!), has made me realize they have never been introduced to the ultimate Alec Baldwin scene. The 1992 movie was Glengarry Glen Ross, and the 7 minute scene is sick! Jack Lemon, Ed Harris and Kevin Spacey join Baldwin in this scene.

Any real salesperson loves this scene. Everyone else is absolutely horrified, but this is really sales. Of course, the scene produced the classic phrases “Coffee is for Closers,” and “ABC… Always Be Closing.”

This is Baldwin at his best. It’s just a fricking incredible scene! “I drove an $80,000 BMW to get here. That’s my name!”

Of course, Millennials will probably be more familiar with this Ben Affleck scene in 2000’s Boiler Room, also a great sales scene. But when you see the two one after the other, it’s clear that Baldwin is better, and that Affleck was paying homage to the vintage Glengarry Glen Ross scene.

What do you think?