Endorsing Barack Obama

I am CEO of Livingston Communications, and while I don’t feel it is right for the company to openly endorse Obama (we are more than one voice), I personally feel compelled to do so. Barack Obama‘s acceptance speech convinced me without a doubt that he should be our next president.

I don’t believe in McCain and think he is basically a campaigner who will drop his drawers at the slightest opportunity to get into the white house. Today’s Palin move was a blatant attempt to hijack Obama’s momentum, and for a guy who voted with Bush 90% of the time, I cannot see McCain as a game changer.

Barack speaks to me on so many levels:

  • On not tolerating the war in Iraq as acceptable
  • With a commitment to end our dependence on oil
  • And an equally intelligent energy investment policy to compensate big businesses who stand to lose
  • By treating women equally, with equal pay
  • On defending this country honorably in the tradition of Wilson and FDR
  • With a tax code that makes sense, honoring entrepreneurs and small businesses like mine that are driving innovation
  • And a tax policy that doesn’t punish the poor
  • By treating our gay brothers and sisters withhonor instead of shame
  • And last, but not least, by restoring a sense of purpose in America
  • Obama knows America is broken. I love his passion! He is my candidate for President. And I have donated to his campaign twice now, and will do so again soon. Here is his acceptance speech, Part I and II.