Gerry Connolly Should Not Hold Office

Fairfax County Chairman Gerald Connolly should not be elected to Congress. He is the Democratic Candidate for VA- District 11. That’s coming from a fellow Democrat.

His handling of the Huntington Flood situation disgusts me. My once-gentrifying neighborhood has suffered because government bodies moved Cameron Run and never maintained it. After the cataclysmic flood of 2006, the neighborhood has never been the same. Now we are plagued with wave after wave of evacuations and possible floods with every major storm.

Government’s answer? It’s not my fault. I don’t pretend to know the legal aspects of this case, and who or why some organization is to blame. That’s why we the residents have a legal team behind us.

And thank God we do. Because it’s obvious that Fairfax County Chairman Connolly won’t act on our behalf, instead trying to weasel blame on other parties. Regardless of who is actually to blame legally, Connolly needs to act like a real leader and stand up for this district. Instead he backs down like an atypical political scum bag.

This is not Congressional material. And it’s not the first time Connolly’s shady character has come to the fore. He has a questionable job at SAIC, which makes his current political position seem like a conflict of interest to me.

No thank you. I am voting for Keith Fimian.

2 Replies to “Gerry Connolly Should Not Hold Office”

  1. I can not agree more. This man’s political career needs to end. Connolly’s legacy in Fairfax County is endless bond issues, a terrible budget deficit and catering to the commercial real estate interests. Fimian strikes me as an honest businessman who want to be of service to us. Connolly in comparison is a poor administrator who can only respond to problems with lip service. If the man can not uphold the law, he should not be given the chance to make the laws.

    I have a neighbor in Mt. Vernon who is operating a toxic waste land fill where the run off has killed trees and frogs in the cesspool that has gathered on County park property. Years of effort to get him and his employees including parks people to zoning ordnance regulators, Fairfax County Police the Fire Department all to no avail. His only response is delayed court cases and e-mails.
    Please make this election an end to his political career.

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