Top Ten Favorite 80s Songs


Jessica Hartin, a high school friend (Abington High School, Class of 90! w00t!), asked me to list my top ten favorite 80s songs. Ahh, the 80s: The hair, the MC Hammer pants, the Madonna bracelets and scrungees. Good times.

OK, enough waxing poetic, here they are with links to the YouTube songs:

1) Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive (1986): One of my first concerts. Truly describes my spirit from the lone wolf attitude to the motorcycle (steel horse).

2) Public Enemy – Fight the Power (1989): Yup. That’s right, and rap never got better. Chuck D, Terminator X, Flavor Flav brought punk militant attitudes and shoved it down all of our throats. Love it!

3) U2 – Bad (1984): Not their biggest hit, but the one that stirs me the most. Truly a cry against racial inequality and strife. Bono was even more passionate about world peace back then. This video features their performance at Live Aid in 1985. Bono’s mullet is impressive, and he still sang off-key.

4) Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two (1988): Awesome hip hop dance tune that they still play in clubs today. This stuff was incredible. Joy and Pain almost made this list.

5) NWA – Straight Out of Compton (1989): Rap or punk, you tell me. This song ignited an insane wave of gangsta rap.

6) The Clash – Rock the Casbah (1982): Their last album, and my favorite tune on this particular disk. The video was an MTV original, and the piano track was unusual for a punk song. Clearly, one of the best punk bands ever!

7) Prince – Raspberry Beret (1985): In the follow-up album to Purple Rain, Prince released this funkadellic love jam, and it was a hit, but not a huge one. It’s still my favorite Prince song from the 80s (Kiss was pretty damn good, too).

8) Kid ‘n’ Play – Rollin’ with Kid n Play (1988): Another fun dance rap groove, Kid ‘n’ Play. Even better in the House Party movies. It was the era of Hip Hop when it was still fresh and new.

9) Metallica – Blackened (1989): Favorite Metallica song ever, tight as hell, and an absolute political tear on environmental ills. I saw them on this tour and they were insane. Young Metallica was literally one of the best concert acts ever.

10) Rick James – Super Freak (1981): Funk, dance, yeah, a moving tune! Do I really need to say anything? Other than shame on you, MC Hammer, for ripping this off! :P

I figured to make it extra fun, I’d tag some other bloggers to see what their favorite 80s songs were. So, Ike Pigott, Lauren Vargas, Sonny Gill, Amber Naslund and Wayne Hurlbert you are up!