Top Ten Reasons Why I Won’t See W


10) Who needs a historical drama about W? Geez, wasn’t living through it painful enough?

9) Oliver Stone hasn’t put out a good movie in two decades. And what’s with the presidential thing? Nixon, Kennedy, then… W? Couldn’t he at least have done Reagan, Clinton or Carter?

8) Even though Elizabeth Banks is cute, you can’t make Laura Bush hot.

7) Lousy trailer didn’t do it for me:

6) If I want to watch buffoonery there’s plenty of Will Ferrell movies on DVD.

5) Watching McCain and Palin implode is more entertaining!

4) I lost money by betting on North Korea instead of Iraq, and am still bitter about it.

3) I’m afraid mass interest in the movie will trigger another Bush administration financial bail-out, and corresponding sell off on the New York stock exchange.

2) The supporting characters seemed nasty.

1) I voted for W in 2000, and am still ashamed. Seeing the movie would only trigger my Jewish guilt complex.