Take Your Meme And Shove It!


New aluminum MacBooks! Oooh! The world is going to end because the stock market crashed. Blog action day! Do you have an iPhone? Why not (Image: 11 Cloned Men by Bobasonic)?

Oh shove it. Seriously, take your memes and shove them.

Everytime I am online the memes pop out in my Twitter stream, and on Facebook. As a marketer, I am fascinated by the trends. I actually believe in the good of blog action day, but think it should be something incorporated into our daily lives. But this is my personal blog, and personally, the memes make me want to throw my MacBook out the window (I settle by covering up the logo with a gelaskin).

That’s what it means to be punk. It’s not a mohawk, it’s simply counter-culture. You run the opposite direction, just because. And you don’t care whether people like it or not. It’s called being true to oneself rather than running after the herd, screaming “Me, too!”

OK, that’s it.