It kind of feels silly going to the airport like this. But I’m packing 21 copies of Now Is Gone in my duffel bag so I don’t get hit up for an extra $50 at the baggage counter.

Looking forward to speaking to small businesses on social media in Atlanta tomorrow night. More than 150 are expected in attendance! And my personal blog mentor Toby Bloomberg and friend Shashi Bellamkonda will be on the panel with me! Should be a blast!

2 Replies to “Contraband!”

  1. Geoff – What a great time we’ll have in few hours! I’m looking forward to introducing you to some great Atlanta small biz owners and social media folks. Looks a heavy bag .. good you’ve been working out ;-)

  2. Geoff – Met you at a recent AiMA event in Atlanta – really enjoyed your session. Wish I was able to make it out but just returned from a trip to NYC. Hope you had a great time in Atlanta. Will definitely check out the book.

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