O Wins: A Sense of Relief

There was merriment in Washington as a demoralized government town woke up. Hope arrived in the name of Barack Obama.

Personally, I saw the stats trending towards a strong victory and went to bed at 10. I was relieved. I can’t say I’m happy.

Yes, he’s my candidate, but I know how messed up our government really is right now. How messed up the economy really is. We have a long hard road ahead of us. What relieves me is the change in leadership and direction. I could not bear to think of another Republican administration during this time. Regardless of Obama’s performance, the GOP has failed America. It’s time to give someone else a shot.

So as we trudge — yes, trudge — through the economic times and the rebuilding of our government, let us continue to hope and be patient. A long road lies ahead of us.