Attitude of Gratitude

In lieu of the upcoming holiday, a little gratitude list. It’s important to remember all of the great things that happen to us. Whenit rains, we can bring in a little sunlight. This year I am grateful for:

  • Friendly faces at almost every event I am going to these days
  • A series of speaking engagements that have introduced me to all of these fantastic people
  • My pets, who always put a smile on my face
  • My niece Julia who seems to be growing up so quickly (2 yrs. old)
  • Lots of time with family this year
  • The Ducati (yeah, you knew that was happening)
  • Trips to Barcelona, Amstersdam, Seattle and San Antonio. All places I had never been, and enjoyed tremendously.
  • Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine shows! Outstanding.
  • The Phillies winning the world series.
  • Losing 50 lbs didn’t suck either.How about you? What are you grateful for?