Activated! Source Theatre


Last night’s dinner was the pinnacle event for Activate! Source Theatre weekend. Activate! marks the end of a two-year journey led by Cultural Development Corporation to save the Source Theatre from becoming Bedrock’s (owner of Buffalo Billiards and Carpool) latest pool hall.

Source’s place in the local theatre scene cannot be underestimated (Check out the InsideSource blog here!). The 14th Street landmark has served as an incubator for almost every single Washington area actor and director. Many local theatre groups started at Source. Since 1977, this place was literally the starting place.


That’s why my company committed $10,000 to the Source capital campaign. A long time patron of the arts, something my entire family enjoys, I know how places like this — how art — brings joy, even in the darkest of times.


That’s why it’s so important to support the arts, especially in a spartan society where video games and professional sports are considered more worthy forms of entertainment. Art represents our society’s soul, it’s expression of spirit, good and bad. Thus when we don’t support the arts, we deny our culture’s self nourishing. A mistake.

The capital campaign for Source targeted $3.3 million. We’ve raised $2.5 million to date. If you feel so inclined you can contribute to Source, too. However you spend your charitable activities, make sure not to cut this expenditure from your budget this year due to the economy. Non-profits are struggling to survive.

Additional photos here.