#twit2fit Routine

Many folks know I’ve lost a lot of weight, and often twit2fit my exercise routines in a mutual encouragement effort. All in all, I’ve lost 50 lbs in the past 7 months, and have stabilized my weight in the 191-193 lb range.

In response to a request, here’s my “#twit2fit” routine online. A few general principles here…

With weights and machines, the ideal set is 15 at maximum weight possible, with the mindset of fitness as opposed to size. As soon as I cannot surpass 8, I drop weight so I can shoot for 15 again. At 36 years old, I’m not interested in being big and muscular, per say. Rather lean and mean. If you want to get bigger max out weight to start at 8 sets and keep pushing weight higher with each successive set.

Every work out must include cardio if you want to lose weight. If I have minimal time, I will almost always opt for cardio instead of weights. For cardio, bare minimum is 30 minutes. A healthy balance of a couple 40-45 minute stints with 3 minute stints works. In warmer weather, I try to mix a nice 20-30 mile bike ride into the mix.

With abs, they can be mixed in with any routine. I usually do abs twice a week.

Guys, don’t be the one w/ chicken legs. Your legs are the most important part of your body for any real physical activity. You want to kick butt on the field, do weight exercises on your legs.

Here we go, one week’s worth of routines:

Routine 1 – Chest

  • 3 sets bench or chest (works general pecks)
  • 3 sets incline bench (works upper pecks)
  • 3 sets decline bench (cuts lower pecks)
  • 5 sets flys (cuts inside of pecks)
  • cardio
  • 3-5 sets crunches (abs)
  • Approximately 60-75 minutes

    Routine 2 – Arms

  • 3 sets curls (works biceps)
  • 3 sets triceps extensions with dumbells (works tris)
  • 3 sets front raises (shoulders)
  • 3 sets lateral raises (shoulders)
  • cardio
  • Approximately 45-75 minutes, sometimes I’ll do 4 sets on each round. I also have dumbells at home so this is an easy set of weights if I don’t have time to go to the gym.

    Routine 3 – Back

  • 3 sets pull downs (lats)
  • 3 sets seated rows (full back)
  • 3 sets seated upper rows (full back)
  • 3 sets weight assisted pull-ups (full back)
  • Optional: 3 sets weight resisted back extensions (lower back, butt)
  • 3-5 sets sit-ups (abs)
  • cardio
  • Approximately 45-75 minutes.

    Routine 4 – Legs

  • Cardio first (only 30 minutes!)
  • 3 sets lunges (hammies, butt)
  • 3 sets leg press (full leg, butt)
  • 3 sets lifts on tippy toes (calves)
  • 3 sets leg extension (thighs)
  • 3 sets hamstring crunch (hammies, butt)
  • Approximately 45 minutes w/ no breaks whatsoever between sets.

    Day off

    Routine 5 – Cardio
    Something long and rigorous

    Optional day off or more cardio

    I also get in a 20 minute walk a day with the dog. OK, that’s it!