Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

Somehow, I think I got tagged on this before but it was eight random things. Anyway, Amber tagged me and after getting called out by Ms. Naslund, I refuse to put this on my business blog and risk people thinking I was trying to build a personal brand there or something.

So here you go, seven new things you don’t know about me:

1) My Great, Great, Uncle Ziggy Livingston started the Anti Jewish Defamation League.

2) I hate the holidays, but try to smile my way through them every year and add cheer. But make no doubt about it, it’s a season of endurance for me.


3) In addition to Junior the Pug, I own two cats, a 14 year old bengalese lady named Asia and a 12 year old siamese gent named Blues.

4) I found the Wii boring as all hell after two weeks.

5) I like the Charlie Huston vampire novels. Joe Pitt’s a punk bad ass vampire enforcer. My kind of antihero!

6) My writing idol is Thomas Hardy, the only writer to successfully conquer the three creative forms of novels, plays and poetry.

7) I dream of pulling an Eric Eggertson or a Kathy Sierra (sans drama) and going completely dark. Like gone, baby, gone. I’m not going to do it, but it’s a nice fantasy.

Here are the seven I’d like to hear from:

Richie Escovedo, Andrea Baker, Jessica Hartin Steele, Lauren Vargas (a two time victim of mine), Aaron Brazell, Chris Dorobek, and Jill Foster.