25 Random Things You Probably Already Knew About Me

Jessica, my high school blogging bud, tagged me in the 25 things you probably already knew about me meme. I promised her I would write the list as soon as I got through the work year, so here we are:


1) I’ve lost a great deal of weight recently, and damn happy about it, too!

2) I love science fiction books and movies. While I can be very eclectic in tastes, this inevitably is my sweet spot.

3) I like riding motorcycles. A lot.

4) Now Is Gone is the book I wrote, but I wanted to write a novel instead.

5) There are 101 things I’d like to do before I die.

6) People that buy into their “personal brand” or other pseudo Internet fame related stuff drive me crazy. It’s absolute utter bullshit.

7) I am teaching a class at Georgetown next spring.

8) My dog is a black pug named Junior!

9) Coffee and cigars are my two biggest vices of consumption (mmm, good idea!)

10) Baseball is my favorite sport by a long, long mile.

11) Twitter: Love/hate relationship is an understatement. Right now it’s some serious hate.

12) I love a good steak. Gibson’s in Chicago is my fav steakhouse.

13) Sneaker fetish: Yup, I love em. Kinda like Turtle on Entourage (yeah, I know that’s embarassing).

14) Video is an exciting not so new medium for me that seems to be intriguing, yet not enough to take the full-on dive. Satisfied with being an amateur.

15) I used to be a wireless reporter.

16) In college, my nickname was stovetop (God help me).

17) I went to Georgetown grad, but AU was the home of most of my undergradutate education.

18) I started out at Syracuse University. It was too damn cold up there ;)

19) My personal vision is not to remain a marketer for the rest of my life. Yeah, not at all.

20) I spent my childhood summers alternating between Provence, France and the Jersey Shore.

21) My great, great grand uncle started the Jewish Anti Defamation League.

22) Geek? Did you say geek? Yeah, that’s me. Give me a new tech toy every week, please!

23) My idea of a good time is quiet time.

24) I hate the iPhone, but like the iTouch.

25) I prefer mountains over oceans…

And to pass this fine meme along, I’m tagging Amber Naslund (heh, payback!), Xiobhan (beware of what you ask for), and Christopher.



  • Congrats on the increased fitness, though I think you were handsome + a few, too.

    Mind telling me your fave Sci-fi book and film so I can check them out?

    Baseball is my favorite sport, too!

    I like sneakers, but keep buying new Nike running shoes over and

    I wanna get into vids.

    Why Stovetop?

    I am most content w/quiet time.

    Have to google itouch.

    So why are you headed to a sunny island instead of a ski resort?

    I prefer the beach!

    It was fun getting to know you better. I’m gonna pick up Now is Gone for a few. I am glad to be on the part you wrote now.


  • Geoff~ This is awesome! Lots of fun getting to re-know old friends, say I!

    I think you look fabulous, and I have coffee is one of my vices as well… mmmmm… on chilly mornings, when it’s hot and silky…


    Lots of love to you… and I think I will pick my blog back up as well… thanks for the inspiration!

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