Getting Recharged for More


Ironically, my family’s roving biannual reunion has returned me to the Virgin Islands (will be photoblogging this week on Flickr). It was here three years ago that I came burned out and left invigorated with the seeds of starting my company. Two months later I broke out on my own.

Three years later, I’m back and burned out again. Weary from the toil we are all facing right now, from personal challenges, and yet another hard year of old-school entrepreneurial labor and new workplace challenges (failed acquisition, etc.). But, unlike three years ago, I know what’s next.

It’s more fight for me.

sylvester_stallone7.jpgYeah, it was a cheesy movie, but Rocky Balboa had some great lines in it about winning that typify my ethos, my spirit. Paraphrasing, it’s not how hard you can get hit, or what blows life deals. Not how much you can take, but if you get up, and keep moving it forward. No matter what. That’s what winning is about.

I agree. I’ve always been a fighter. I’ll be damned if I give up now after one of the more challenging years of my life. I’ve been through worse tribulations and walked forward.

In some ways, my response has already been to fight. I did not react and panic during these various challenges instead opting to make sound decisions, to keep channels open, to be open and transparent, and to bring forth hope in my daily interactions. It’s been extremely painful at times, but there was no choice. My primary source of strength has been my personal spiritual beliefs. Venting has come in the form of exercise. I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my post-collegiate life, and have goals to be in even better shape.

This particular trip to the Virgin Islands is more about the spirit. While I intend to recharge physically, it’s about restoring calm and balance. For even the greatest fighters must rest. And great leaders get their will in tune with the larger universe, and so my will — which can be extremely forceful — needs to be aligned with the greater good. While I believe it already is, I need to be rested and spiritually in a good place to ensure this. That’s the law of the physical world.

This place has brought me great comfort and inspiration before. The Islands are alive with nature. I have no doubt I will return invigorated, excited and ready for 2009. And hopefully there will be some great photos, too.