Favorite Virgin Island Photos

The Virgin Islands are proving to be a good canvas for me (full set here). Yesterday was a fantastic day, producing some personal bests. Here are my favs so far.

This sunset was just fantastic, in all I had two great shots of the rising sun, but this was my favorite because of the captured sun beam…


Next up was this almost all black and white shot of Virgin Gorda, captured atop its highest peak. I like it because of the panoramic view it shows, including the curve of the earth.


The below view of the Baths shows rocks, boats and people frolicking amongst them. The shot really gives a kind of idyllic view of this special place in Virgin Gorda.


Another shot of the Baths, this time from inside the trail, showing what it’s like to walk underneath the massive boulders.


And finally, a distant shot of the storied Bitter End Yacht Club, where the world’s richest play (accessible by boat only).