Economic Apocalypse in the Form of Liberation

518RSEK-BrL._SL500_AA240_.jpgA little too close to reality for comfort, Brian Francis Slattery’s Liberation depicts events in a post economic meltdown caused by America’s over-borrowing. As a result the dollar collapses as does the government. Unfortunately, this dystopian vision kind of makes you tap your fingers nervously as you think about the real crisis.

The ensuing riots and warmongering produce a hellacious world where slavery reappears and the ghosts of the past rise to walk the land. It’s an amazing depiction of many cultural wrongs and excesses this country has engaged in.

And the story of the Slick Six is a compelling one that provides just enough to engage you, but not so much as to make you skip ahead. This story really is about America, not so much the Six, which other than Marco, seem to be vehicles for the larger story.

My one beef with the book was more stylistic. I’m not a big fan of long Faulkneresque paragraphs and this book had plenty of them. In addition the tangential movement between stories required an adjustment, but eventually started working for me. All in all, a great read that I highly recommend.