Another Trip to Redeclare Love?


An entry into the HomeAway contest.

It seems like a vacation would be in the works. After several months my wife and I have worked through our separation and are now reconciling our final issues. The reality is that time away proved how much we really do need each other.

Our love has rekindled, and a trip seems to be in the works together, not just to enjoy each other’s company, but to renew our wedding vows and reinitiate our marriage on the right foot. My wife and I have always had a romantic travel bug in us. I proposed to her in Cannes at sunset, we married in Lake Tahoe and honeymoooned along the inns on the Pacific Coast Highway. We’ve seen the Pharoahs, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Switzerland together.


It’s my dream to do this in Virgin Gorda, a place where both Caitlin and I have visited before (see above picture) and think is simply one of the most beautiful places in the world. In particular, it would be great to say I do at the Baths, a stunning place where rock formations create incredible scenic vistas (as demonstrated by my cousin Andrew and I below).


Why would a HomeAway vacation journey work? See, on top of everything else, the economy has been straining. First, we physically separated so swallowing an entire mortgage and household on one income was straining to the point I now rent a room out in our house. And as a business owner I’ve reduced my salary to a bare minimum to ensure financial prudence and keep as many people employed as possible. As a result, I cannot fund Virgin Gorda right now.

Yet my heart tells me to take her there. To tell her again, “I do. I love you.”