Obama: A New Hope

I am so relieved. Now we can move forward. At last. How do you feel?


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  • A lot of us feel the same way. We’ve turned over a new leaf and extended an olive branch out to the world. There are great expectations for President Obama and hopefully he can live up to his president-elect grandeur as President.

    On another note, regardless of political affiliation, today was a day for the history books. I’m proud to be on this earth to witness the first African American PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Dr. King Jr. would be a proud man if he were alive. He had a dream and today that dream came true!

    I wrote more in my blog post here: http://budurl.com/99bf

  • Check back with me in 12 to 18 months. There has been a lot of talk, lets see if he can deliver. He has solid majorities in both houses of congress, so there should be no excuses. If he delivers, I’ll give him credit, if not, he’s just one more pol who talked big and delivered little

  • I do agree with that one! Talking is easy. Actually doing is another thing altogether. President after president always make empty promises. The economy and mess we’re in won’t be turned around overnight. It will literally take years.

  • @Rumblestrip @katie Wrong attitude going into a new administration. Really, any action would be better than what we’ve seen. And Obama hasn’t promised anything immediate. His own messaging is very clear that this will take a lot of hard work and time.

  • Geoff-
    I appreciate your optimism! I, too, am optimistic and am confident Obama will do better than what we’ve seen over the past 8 years (which isn’t hard).

    I think people are so hopeful that they’ve skipped over the “hard work and TIME” message…these folks are in for a huge disappointment a few months down the line when it APPEARS as though nothing much has changed. Real change and reform takes time in a system like ours.

    But still, I do stand by what I said about empty promises. Every candidate makes a couple of those during the debates and his time as president elect–it’s politics and he’s human.

    I have a positive, yet realistic attitude about the next 4 years. Again, HARD WORK AND TIME. I don’t think I have the wrong attitude going into a new administration.

    I can’t wait to see how things start to take shape!

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