Calling London: A Valentine’s Day Renewal


Just an update on the Virgin Gorda post and reconciliation with my wife. It looks like we are doing a trip to renew our vows, only I am taking her to London for the long Valentine’s Day weekend. Any suggestions for romantic spots are welcome (image: Big Ben, London by 13Bobby)!

I am not much for publicly getting too deep about private matters on the blogosphere. All I can say is that the past five months of separation have been extremely trying and profound. I’ve had many friends who supported me, counseled me, and kept my spirits up. I want to thank you for your help.

The future is always uncertain. I do know this: Love can be deeper, more profound and richer than anything you can imagine during that period when you fall “in love.” Today I have that.



  • Not too sure about London hotspots itself, but I do recommend anything south of London where the grass (if there’s grass rather than snow) is incredibly beautiful, it’s quiet, and there’s plenty of water around to walk along.

    And I’m glad that my product made it into your post even if it was just a typo. Fortunately I’m sure that on any of these kind of trips you’d be using AwayFind since it’s the easiest way to receive text messages abroad while traveling. But hey, you were begging for a comment like that.

    Look forward to catching up with you when you’re back on the other side of the pond.

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