Shooting Photos with a DSLR


I recently bought a refurbished Nikon D60 with a nice 18/200 lens, and wow! The difference between what I was using (Canon IS3) and this is amazing. I am still learning the camera, but have already had a couple of nice photo shoots in London and last night at the Wizards-Spurs game.


I am stunned by the difference the D60 makes. I definitely asked from advice from the likes of Richard Binhammer and Andrew Feinberg, who all said, “Invest in the lens and not the camera!” It seems they were right.


I also bought a tutorial video, which is helping rapidly learn the D6 and how to use it. I was amazed at the quality of shots from the game, but not satisfied. If I knew how to use the shudder speed and the manual settings a little better I could have had even better shots!


So one of my next, immediate goals is to learn how to shoot better pictures with my camera, and how to use Photoshop to my advantage. I am thinking of toying around with the camera a bit more on my own until I finish teaching my class at Georgetown. Then I think a class is in order.


The thing that photoblogging and walking is doing for me is it’s providing a creative outlet. My personal blogging and painting has waxed as I’ve taken over my business blog in the past four months. This gives me a new creative outlet, and one that’s relatively easy to do. Simply grab the camera and go.


So, we’ll see where this crazy photo adventure takes me. It promises to be a fun ride!