The Backside of an Illuminated Crowd

The Backside of an Illuminated Crowd

Originally uploaded by Geoff Livingston

This famous sculpture — The Illuminated Crowd on McGill College Avenue — features a group of people watching something. But the most fascinating side to me was the backside, where you can see a couple making out, a passed-out person,a swami, a murderer, and more aspects of our human nature.

It’s kind of cool when a piece of art becomes the centerpoint of your picture. My job editing this one was making the art the centerpiece and de-emphasizing the buildings behind and other scenery. I did that with a lot of color manipulation, which while preserving the general color of the statue, definitely toned down the scenery.

On the right side, my wife Caitlin and her parents look on. They add some nice context to the photo.

In general, I am spending about 10-15 minutes editing shots that I am uploading to my Flickr stream these days. Be prepared for a lot of Montreal shots over the next week or so. You can watch the Quebec-based portfolio unfold here:

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