The El Show Episode #4: September Wishes

Warning: There’s significant profanity in this podcast.


Richard Laermer and I hosted episode four yesterday. As summer winds down, (follow us on Twitter) was all about September wishes. We discussed:

  • Vacations
  • The slow summer without work travel
  • Richard’s month in California

Richard’s Top Five Wishes for September: A continued slow work lifestyle for the month; more focus on reality as opposed to celebrities; better, more active language from pitchers; wants SM people to ignore the Fall TV season; and Dick Cheney gets arrested.

Geoff’s Top Five Wishes for September: Book proposal goes through; Waxman-Markey bill finally gets approved; Brett Favre suffers a season-ending injury; the Phillies win the pennant; and Dick Cheney gets arrested (yes, we both want this to happen).

Miscellaneous conversation’s included Twitter, Personal branding, and the Altimeter Group announcement from last week; national punctuation week; and Mike Hendricks and the Law of Shamelessness.