The El Show Episode 8: Avoiding Safe People & The Female Economy

Warning: There’s significant profanity in this podcast.

Richard Laermer returned for

Episode Eight of The El Show, which was broadcasted live from the GrowSmartBiz show. We had a couple of heavy conversations on safety in PR and wasting time, as well as The Female Economy that is expected to emerge when the recession ends. Here’s the full podcast lineup on The El Show (follow us on Twitter):

  • Seth Godin was discussed on the El Show again thanks to his Squidoo scraping episode
  • Senator Mark Warner‘s decision last year not to run for President of the United States
  • Conservative PR (and real world) types who don’t have balls (a.k.a. guts) to say anything
  • . How to choose “winners” to invest time in.

  • The value of time and quid pro quo
  • The new business of celebrity death
  • The Female Economy that will emerge after the recession
  • Richard’s session next week (Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 2:30), What Clients Don’t Know Will Hurt You

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