Three Nonprofit Guest Appearances

I’ve been on a whirlwind tour of the blogosphere, providing guest posts to several friends and organizations. Here’s a brief summary: loveclimatedooley Last week on Live Earth’s blog, find my recap of the G20 summit and it’s impact on the Climate Bill. This was part of the #lovetheclimate campaign effort. I also wrote a brief summary of our Flickr group, which features some fantastic photos:

[Photographers] created a beautiful permanent testimony to the awesome beauty of Mother Nature, reminding us of what we are seeking to protect. The group slideshow cannot help but leave you stunned by Mother Nature’s beauty.

By the way, maybe, just maybe Senators heard everyone who loved the climate over those two weeks. The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act was introduced yesterday. Thank you to everyone who participated.

On Care2’s FrogLoop blog this Monday, I wrote a post on integrating social mediainto a nonprofit’s larger communications effort. This is particularly timely with the holiday giving season coming up. How do you turn an organic conversation into something more, perhaps a donation or an action?

You already got the recap of my moderated session at SocChangeCamp. On the NextGenWeb, read summaries of the first three sessions I attended; moving people from concern to action, social network pushback, and megacommunities. The below image was the humorously altered social media adoption curve from the second session.