Blog Action Day: 10 Resources for Climate Change Info

Blog Action Day 2009 on October 15 revolves around climate change. While many people may be concerned about the environment, they may need ideas to write about. So I figured a little Blog Action Day sharing was in order to get folks prepped for their posts. The following 10 resources are my favorites, please add yours, too!

1) My primary volunteer organization for 2009, Live Earth‘s site has tons of great information, from blog posts to celebrity videos. Explore Live Earth online today!

2) Perhaps instead of brow-beating about envirnmental woes, you’d prefer to highlight some cool eco-tech. Why not focus on progress rather than problems? Check out ecofriend, a very cool green blog.

3) The 350 group is organizing a day of action on October 24 to bring awareness to the #350, which represents the number of parts per million, the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. What better way to prep for the 350 day of action then to blog about it in advance?

4) Joe Romm’s Climate Progress blog balances hard activism, snark, and pragmatic realism on the environment. My favorite science-oriented offering on the Interwebs for climate change.

5) More of an environmentally savvy entrepreneur’s site, Triple Pundit is another daily favorite in my reader. Check out this outstanding group blog that gives eco-intel, as well as encourages social entreneurship.

6) NPR’s Environment Podcast: This weekly round up of NPR broadcasts about the environment has become a gym favorite for me. Usually 30 minutes long, and full of hard hitting stories to colorful tales from the frontlines of climate change, this podcast is a keeper.

7) Are you a Twitter addict? If so, check out Mashable’s list of green tweeple. A fast way to catch up on environmental chatter in 140 characters or less.

8) Environmental Defense Fund, a client of mine that is funded by corporate America, I like EDF’s efforts because they are hard-core focused on policy change. Further, it demonstrates that many American companies DO want a green future, because the advocacy efforts represent a smart approach to climate change.

9) Another great blog, Grist offers more than most blogs with video and community. Topics range from sustainable food to politics. Check out this all-around eco-friendly info source.

10) Didn’t get enough geekery with EcoFriend? Check out the green technologies featured on ecogeek.