12 Replies to “WhiteHouse.gov Breaks New Ground with Social, But…”

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  2. Geoff,

    Having been in the room too that night I think your comments are pretty much dead on.

    As Shel mentioned, the administration is talking and even using some of the new shiny social media tools to do it, but they haven’t yet figured out how to listen and react. Is the problem too much content coming in or to much noisy content? Maybe they need help filtering…

    I would like to see more events like this, but with the opportunity to actually interact with Macon and his team, instead of just listen. A social media panel they could turn to for outside evaluation could be helpful. I’m game to be on one, you?

    Thanks for being the other guy in the room I knew :)

  3. Geoff,

    You are clearly right on point. So far, I’m not happy with the investment made in government communication on my behalf. Most of it comes across as astroturf.

    While there has been some progress made, I’m not sure politics is ready to embrace honest communication (or the public for that matter). What’s that quip about making sausages? Yeah, right. Sometimes we don’t want to know.


  4. Dave and Rich: Just goes to show you, you can’t put lipstick on a pig. In general, given all the hype about government 2.0 and the Obama administration’s failure to quell the hype, it feels like a letdown.

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