Ammado Revs Up to Compete with Causes

clip_image001 Last time the Buzz Bin blogged about Ammado, they had just launched the Giving Circle. Now the network that is seeking to compete with Facebook Causes, has launched a new widget. The widget will allow charities to receive donations indirectly through third party sites without donors having to visit the Ammado network. This in turn allows any blogger to support any charity directly on their network. Peer-to-peer fundraising activity becomes much more accessible and manageable.

In addition to the widget, Ammado has some functional advantages over Causes. Specifically, the network enables global giving with more than 31 foreign currencies (including China). Almost anyone in the world can make a donation to disparate countries and their charities. This gives the platform a potential competitive advantage over Facebook Causes, which only caters to U.S. and Canadian charities.

At the same time, Ammado does not have the breadth of domestic charities that Facebook does. Individuals and companies may see this as a distinct disadvantage. But, any 501c3 can sign up for Ammado.

Ammado targets international corporations interested in employee giving programs. In this sense it’s competing with less flexible corporate charity programs like the United Way. Virgin Games, Time Warner, and Oracle are users of the Ammado network.

The Giving Circle allows employee bases with diverse footprints across multiple nations to give to charities of their choice. Employees can engage in microfinancing. Companies can also use the platform to engage in cause related marketing to engage for loyalty purposes.

The network uses advertising to monetize its activities and fund its more than 70 staffers across the globe. The network allows people to sign in via open ID. Functionality allows multiplatform integration across Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

All in all, the product is getting much better. The question remains, can they build up enough U.S. traction to effectively compete with Causes? The market will decide.