13 Replies to “Twitter Hiatus – Where Is @geoffliving?”

  1. Go, have a great time. Do what you gotta do. Thanks for not just pulling a creepy disappearing act and letting us know what’s up. :)

    With a little luck, chances are we’ll all still be here…

  2. Geoff, I will miss your tweets but can’t wait to find out what you are up to in the new year. I am guessing one of two: 1) new agency devoted to social cause / BSR /CSR or (2) position at REALLYCOOLNEWUNDOTORG.DOTORG doing same as CMO . Anyway, whatever you do, I know you’ll bring along the rest of the DC social media community you’ve created. Enjoy your Twitter break!

  3. I respect your personal decision
    But- Twitter is exactly the extra brain lobe, the chance, the tool, we were always waiting for, to enable us
    to stay connected to our communities.

    When one masters the art of constrained communication,
    they can say so much to the people whom they’ve
    asked to pay attention on a regular basis.

    That is the true beauty of Twitter.
    While busily engaged in other areas of life,
    whether offline, or even deeply engaged elsewhere
    online, we can share, update, serve all those
    who would meet us there, in just seconds.

    Good health during your travels Geoff :)

  4. Ed:

    Thank you for your belief that everyone should stay connected. In my mind, I am not that important, and neither is Twitter. What is important for me and for everyone is life balance, boundaries and rest.

    In my case, it’s time to replenish after a four-year social media adventure that included successfully writing an acclaimed book and starting, then selling a company. With balance and rest, my contributions to the community will be more valuable, and we will all be better for it.

    Hopefully, you will enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and those who truly need you. Best wishes,


  5. Right on Geoff, I don’t think pulling yourself off the grid will cause people to forget who you are and what you do/did. If it does well then they need to put down the bong.

    As an aside, someone was telling me yesterday about someone who just authored a book about face to face networking and how fantastic it was… and it stopped me in my tracks. Why? I chuckled to think that perhaps tweeting and being wired 24/7/365 could be so 80’s. Speaking live or in person is the new black.

  6. That’s it, I am unfollowing you for not incessantly tweeting mind-numbing tweets…jerk. ;-)

    Have a great hiatus Geoff! We all need it from time-to-time (including me, my blog’s still a mess).

    See you in the New Year! Until then, happy holidays to you, Caitlin and your loved ones.

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