EDF’s 10,000 Reasons to Seal the Deal at Copenhagen


The Environmental Defense Fund launched its 10,000 Reasons Facebook Campaign to combat climate change (note: I consulted on the campaign). As the world’s attention turns to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference this December 7-18, EDF is collecting 10,000 or more reasons to support strong climate action from U.S. and world leaders. The reasons will be sent to key members of Congress and the White House.

This is an easy way for anyone to add their voice and make a difference in global movement to cut global warming pollution and unleash our clean energy future. People simply need to share their reason on the Discussion board of the EDF fan page.

Here are the two simple steps to voice your reason:

Additionally, EDF will launch on December 1 its Climate Champions badges program (pictured above) for Facebook fans. Fans will be able to download their badge of choice to their Facebook profiles to show their fight against climate change and proudly declare themselves as Climate Champions.

Geoff Livingston is a regular contributor to the Live Earth blog.