Avatar Brings the Environmental Message to the Masses

The run-away smash hit Avatar has changed the paradigms of special effects and 3D filmmaking. James Cameron’s script, while not critically acclaimed, has also achieved another notable achievement: Delivering a strong environmental message to the masses.

Cameron admitted in a Filmcast Interview that one of his primary goals was to push the climate change cause:

…if a film is successful and becomes a part of the zeitgeist, and there’s a feeling its good to believe this way, and its good to have a sense of responsibility, than people will still rail against it, but maybe it does create a little bit of movement. Our culture evolves through all of its various influences. And major films, major TV shows, celebrities, whatever.. If you hear it enough times, it does start to generate an interest.

Kudos to Cameron for doing his part to raise the issue. With more of us beating the drum, societal responses will hasten, and we can rise to meet the challenge of climate change.

I’m not going to play spoiler, but if you have an opportunity to catch Avatar, do so. And bring that friend who says, “Yeah, it’s an issue, but…”

Geoff Livingston is a regular contributor to the Live Earth blog.