Crowdsourcing My Chevrolet Volt Test Drive

On Tuesday, I will test drive the new Chevrolet Volt, the highly talked about electric vehicle that will be released this year. In addition to its place as on of GM’s cornerstones of the future, the Volt is supposed to be an incredible emissions saver, delivering 40 miles on a full charge. 75% of Americans drive less than 40 miles everyday. The car then uses it’s gas engine to deliver a hybrid performance.

What better way to test drive the car than to crowdsource it with your input? In partnership with the Live Earth blog, the test drive will be filmed by John Taylor using a flip camera. Let us know what you’d like us to find out for you. We’ll post the film on Thursday.


Geoff Livingston is a regular contributor to the Live Earth blog.


  • Wonder about the feel… when it’s electric, does it feel like you’re driving a golf cart? Apart from pickup, do you miss the hum under your foot?

  • I’m anxious to hear what drivers think too! Joe, the engine ONLY acts as a generator to charge the batteries, so the car will be full electric until batteries reach I believe 15% charge. They were working on a way for the car to recognize when you are headed home and not fire the engine if it hits 15% But still has enough juice to make it. Not sure the outcome though.

  • How close to 230mpg do you get from start to finish of your trip….Cheverolet is advertizing 230mpg …this is awesome…. totoyto new plug in only advertize 150mpg.

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  • Looking forward to seeing the car on the road.

  • I would like to know if there is a difference in performance when the engine switches from battery to gas engine. Would also like to validate the MPG claims.

  • How long can gas just sit in the tank? can gas just sit there forever without something happening to it?

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