Join Me for the @LiveEarth Run for Water

National Harbor

Many of you know I volunteer as a weekly blog writer and social media advisor for Live Earth. But my commitment will go farther this Spring as I participate in the Live Earth Run for Water on April 18.

No small commitment from me, because though I am a gym rat and partake in cardio five times a week, I hate running. The environment is worth it, so no whining from me.

There are events throughout the country and the world, but the DC 6k will be a signature Run for Water event:

The 6k course, which is still being finalized, will be hosted by the National Harbor. If you haven’t been to the National Harbor yet, it offers stunning views of downtown Washington, D.C. and Old Town Alexandria (my neighborhood), and is just a 15-minute drive – or water taxi ride- to the heart of DC.

In fact, if you are one of my readers and you feel so compelled to run in the DC event, I’ll buy your first drink afterwards. So join me for the Live Earth Run for Water.

Geoff Livingston is a regular contributor to the Live Earth blog.